The rewards for the hardest levels of sanctuary should be increased

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The hardest sanctuary level (34 for my guild with level 25 players) is quite challenging. Only about a third of my guildmates can beat this level. I'm one of those who can and I can say this is not an easy walk :) I'm happy if my survivors are only bruised :) Completion of level 34 missions takes more time, spends more gold, and finally gives fewer Reward Points and Victory Points than if I complete level 29-31 sanctuary missions.

I do think the hardest sanctuary levels should be rewarded more than easier ones (at least with 50% additional RP).


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,126
    Yup definitely.
    At this point I do everything to avoid playing those 34s because it's simpy not worth it.

    I can 3 star rsl 36 ,maybe 37 on the challenge but that takes time and even few tries of slow and cautious play.

    Having no time playing gw, well I mean limited time there's no time for that hence getting injured or even heavy can happen pretty easily when playing fast.

    Pay 50 or more gold for about 3 more rps and 6 vps per map simply doesn't compute.
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    Completely agree. It's not just the rewards, some of the 34 missions are set up to be so awkward that it's not usual for me to end up fleeing some of them. I'm far from the best player on the game but I'm no slouch :lol:. I always seem to get the missions which involve moving through a one space doorway with auto spawn walkers on either side of it stopping you from moving forward and piling up behind you.
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    I concur! I’m one of the foolish ones who do the 34’s for my guild. My PB when doing this was 550. Once we had unlocked the gold fragment this season I had two keys left and as it was more important to secure RP rather than winning the battle I decided to avoid all 34’s to see what score I could get. I managed to get a new pb of 721. That’s much 34’s slow you down and how much I was being penalised through reduced RP because of it. It’s means that I cannot now get the RPG. Please look into this @Vane for the next season. I want to help my guild but you are not making it worth it.
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    Seems to me that the reward for getting Kate Upton in the sack should be much better than getting Rosie O'Donnell :/
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