Elders Rage Kicking Members From Guilds - easy fix

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You see if often on the forums, but fortunately I've ever been a victim of a elder rage purge.

An easy fix would be to allow the leader to kick as they please, but make it a requirement that two elders have to sign off before someone is kicked.

Of course, two elders could always conspire to rage purge. However, if your guild is in that position, it's already a spinning turd circling the downward drain.......

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  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,418
    Yep - it's a problem easily solved. Here's a suggestion along these lines that I made two years ago:

    Full post for the sake of reference: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/216459/#Comment_216459
    Bill_ZRT said:

    The most flexible thing I can think of that's in line with your post is to have a flexible guild 'ranking' (by ranking, I mean ranking individuals within the guild) that allows the Leader to decide what the ranks can/can't do. Have the following ranks (this is just the same as you suggested):


    Let the leader decide what the co-leader and elder ranks can do. For example:

    • Kick X people in X minutes/hours/days
    • Can this rank kick Elders?
    • Can this rank demote Elders?
    The reason I suggest these as settings is because some large guilds do guild movements at the end of challenges to place top performers in top guilds and at this time the elders kick the appropriate people out of the guild to make room for the people transferring in. For this reason you wouldn't want to hard code limiting one kick per day per elder.

    Ideally the co-leader should be allowed to call an in game vote to assume leadership in the event that the leader vanishes from the game for months. A simple majority kicks the leader and promotes the co-leader to leader. If you're worried about drama and hostile take overs, don't promote untrustworthy people to co-leader. You don't have to use the rank at all.

    Other ideas include managing multiple guilds in game (letting leaders and elders take action across guilds). Combining chats with affiliated guilds in game, etc. But those are suggestions for another day.
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  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 592
    An easier fix is to not promote anyone to an Elder. It's a meaningless title anyway with no actual benefits. Unless the Leader isn't active there is no reason to promote anyone.
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