How to ban a player

A player got elevated to Elder and then proceeded to kick everyone from the guild. Then left the guild. Now we don't have enought to compete in GW this week and have lost all the challenge and GW progress we've made. I've been with the guild for years and was pretty high on the leader board. Now I have to start over.

Who do we notify of the user and how do we warn other guilds about this player?


  • youngbesyzyoungbesyz Member Posts: 60
    Who's the player?

    You should pay more attention on who you give the eldership
  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 63
    I hope the Mueller report sheds some light on it :)
  • DonCoquiDonCoqui Member Posts: 586
    Rat bastard!
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  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 63
    You want to show appreciation for sustained effort by promoting members but there is only one Elder. They need to have a list of promotions with increased privledges.

    Myself and the guild leader have already constacted Support. I hope they car roll us back to before the carnage.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442

    You are looking for this thread. There were some nefarious shenanigans. You were probably booted, as was the fate of everyone in your guild it appears.

    Hopefully you get all reunited.
  • mpluttmplutt Member Posts: 10
    @Jenng Thanks so much for finding this and pointing it out to me. I dont know who the elder was that booted all of us, but they need a serious blanket party!

    @TheWizEd Please keep me posted on rebuilding the guild. Not sure if @Zarkoff is going to create a new guild or not, or if support is going to put us back together somehow. The starting over really sucks, but I guess it is what it is. At least I know what happened now, I was so distraught yesterday. If we are going to keep the same guild, please let me know the name so I can rejoin.

    Plutt Z City
  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 63
    @Jenng thanks for passing this info on to Plutt Z City.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442

    My pleasure!
  • ZARKOFF2020ZARKOFF2020 Member Posts: 4
    We are still looking for the following guild members to rejoin the House of Zed. We have over half back and appreciate the forums help

    @pete the savage
    @Rick Grimes
    @Maximum Kills
    @rare jay

    If you see them, send back to House of Zed

    If you see LeeBee piss on his headstone before banning him from all guilds


  • Bloodundertales77Bloodundertales77 Member Posts: 23

    copied brother

    we will have that player in sight

  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 326
    Don't forget Dixie, who did the same thing to our Guild...
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    They could have changed their IGN by now
  • ZARKOFF2020ZARKOFF2020 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Bolden. Truly pond scum to screw with guilds like that.
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Take the idea out of rewarding with eldership. A simple hey bud great job on challenge /GW. Have one elder. Or have none, either way this isn't a good way to show appreciation to your crew. It can make or break. Be safe! Sorry this happened to your guild.
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 244
    Agree @vshield50 - elders should not be able to kick elders. This would protect against issues like this
  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    Perfectly in agreement with @vshield and @pandreq, there should be one more class as the vice-leader who can banish an elder. The elderly should only accept new survivors, but promotions and expulsions must be done only by the leader and vice-leader ... I am a guild leader and I always fear that some elderly may throw someone out without my authorization. Please @Vane, make it possible!
  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,421
    Jankel said:

    Perfectly in agreement with @vshield and @pandreq, there should be one more class as the vice-leader who can banish an elder. The elderly should only accept new survivors, but promotions and expulsions must be done only by the leader and vice-leader ... I am a guild leader and I always fear that some elderly may throw someone out without my authorization. Please @Vane, make it possible!

    Interesting... you mean like this: (original post for the sake of reference)
    Bill_ZRT said:

    The most flexible thing I can think of that's in line with your post is to have a flexible guild 'ranking' (by ranking, I mean ranking individuals within the guild) that allows the Leader to decide what the ranks can/can't do. Have the following ranks (this is just the same as you suggested):


    Let the leader decide what the co-leader and elder ranks can do. For example:

    • Kick X people in X minutes/hours/days
    • Can this rank kick Elders?
    • Can this rank demote Elders?
    The reason I suggest these as settings is because some large guilds do guild movements at the end of challenges to place top performers in top guilds and at this time the elders kick the appropriate people out of the guild to make room for the people transferring in. For this reason you wouldn't want to hard code limiting one kick per day per elder.

    Ideally the co-leader should be allowed to call an in game vote to assume leadership in the event that the leader vanishes from the game for months. A simple majority kicks the leader and promotes the co-leader to leader. If you're worried about drama and hostile take overs, don't promote untrustworthy people to co-leader. You don't have to use the rank at all.
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  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    I say only that the leader must be untouchable, the co-leader nominated by the leader must take the place in the absence of the leader to carry out the promotions and expulsions, the elderly must be seen as a promotion to their stay in the guild but no power of promotion and expulsion.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442
    Ah! The elder(ly)! Don’t you go dying on me ;)

  • mongo_nine_one_onemongo_nine_one_one Member Posts: 238
    The words “ for the rest of your life “ don’t discourage old people, when they get pissed off...
  • TheWizEdTheWizEd Member Posts: 63
    As @Bill_ZRT mentioned, there should be more promotion levels.
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,524
    The game of being promoted to elder and then kicking everyone out of the guild has been going on for years This thread goes back to 2016:

    NG still hasn’t done anything about it. That sucks.
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  • mongo_nine_one_onemongo_nine_one_one Member Posts: 238
    Yup... NextGames won’t get involved with squabbling, bickering, or verbal assaults...
    ( unless they are part of it... )

    But in the past some Mods, were kinda, intense...

    We are much better off, just knowing the names of “ azzholes “ ( LeeBEE, huh... )

    It was such a lovely game name...
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