False Advertising

@Vane I know this has been mentioned before here on the forum however this needs to be corrected. For the recent hero bundles there are statements about "UNLOCKS BETTER DEAL!" and "THE BEST DEAL!". Better in this case means "improved value" and best would be "most improved value". However you fall short of this and this is both false advertising and a misrepresentation of value. If you argue that you don't set the prices then you better know what those prices are before using these terms or you better increase quantities of the items in the bundle to ensure that it truly is a better deal.

Today's example of this is the Bruiser Glenn Bundles. Bundle #1 gives you 20 RGG Tokens, 40 Radios and 400 Gold for $4.99 USD. Bundle #2 doubles those item quantities and charges $9.99 USD. If I had the opportunity to by Bundle #1 twice I receive the same total items as in Bundle #2 except for a price of $9.98 USD. This my friend is not the definition of unlocking a "better deal". In fact what is labeled as "THE BEST DEAL" is in fact the worst value of all the bundles offered.

Really this needs to be corrected before someone who cares points this out to the organizations that make you care.

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    I'm waiting on the best deal branded dildo bundle.

    So that way players can *CENSORED* themselves with it 🤣
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    @cronus you make a fair point. It is not clear as to what the value is and what the comparison of "best" is. It just seems like a loosely used buzz word.
    However, as NG has not provided a comparison bundle at the same time, they could mean "best coloured deal" or "best bundle which contains Riot Gear Glenn", this also makes it the worst deal if it only has itself to compare to lmao.
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    Anyone want to confirm what the "BETTER DEAL" is this time?

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