Suggestions: New Functions for Buildings

TimyunTimyun Member Posts: 216
1. Radio Tent
It is possible to produce radios in it. What you need are: 1M supplies, 1M XP, 5000 trade goods and 12 hours. For reward, you can get 10 radios. Higher level of radio tent can save the costs and time, or increase the production by a little.

2. Training Grounds
If you have a nearly perfect survivor but just affected by an imperfect trait, you can exchange it into which you want. What you need are: the target survivor, another survivor with the same level, class and rarity. You have two choices to complete the adjustment. 1, clone the traits (no matter how many) and lose the victim survivor. Besides, you won't get the tokens and XP from it. 2, exchange a single trait by once and pay a quantity of tokens and XP depending on rarity and level, and you can keep both of the survivors. For the survivor with rarity higher than legendary, this fuction doesn't work. And of course, hero excepted.

3. Workshop
Similar to survivors, equipment can also be improved by exchanging traits. What you need are: the full-upgraded target weapon or armor, another weapon or armor (except the special ones) with the same level (original and current), class and rarity. a single trait can be cloned from the victim equipment. The victim equipment will be auto scavenged without XP paying back. For the equipment with special traits, this fuction doesn't work.

4. Hospital
If you are so urgent to call a wounded survivor uncured back to battle without paying gold, so you can make it. You can choose a survivor from hospital immediatly but all the healing progress will be reset. And the injury situation is remained since the last battle the survivor joined: bruised-66% green, injured-25% green, seriously injured-100% red. Taking a wounded suvivor is more dangerous, but it is better than doing nothing. Besides, after completely cured from hosiptal, the survivor can get a bonus of 10% damage reduction for the next mission to praise the bravery.

5. Walker Pit
Increase the maximum level of walkers to Lv. 33, and add Spiked, Goo, Grenade and Metal Head. At the same time, the reward of attacking outpost will be increased.

6. Craftsman
Similar to Badges, a new kind of attachments for equiment will be introduced. The attachments can load more traits or boost the equipment traits.


  • LieutenantMarshLieutenantMarsh Member Posts: 10
    For the longest time its said "coming soon" under the badges and ive had the idea of there maybe being some sort of weapon crafting (maybe thats where the weapon upgrade tokens will come into play?). But i had an idea of which maybe using certain supplies from badges (metal or cloth) and transform one weapon into a new one.
    For example, turn a Scout Hatchet into a Bruiser Axe, to a Warrior Kingdom Axe? Just an idea.
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 95
    Love your ideas @Timyun
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