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Speaking as a humble player / consumer...

I think after a few years of playing NML, I have seen it evolve from a barebones project, to a full fledged game.

The game in my opinion, while mostly enjoyable, is bloated, there is too much going on at once, consider combining / replacing / removing modes for example, rework outpost and GW, look at combining the best of both modes in to one simple experience, and allow the CHOICE of playing as an MMO player or a solo player. Challenge mode is interesting but there is little in terms of flexibility, why not give players the chance to replay for prizes on Season missions once they reach a certain threshold in Challenges, as the repetitiveness does become stale after some time.

The basic principals which NML provides are on point, however, there are many artificial barriers in place which may push long time players to leave and prospective regulars to give up before even starting.
One barrier in question is the council system, I understand that you wish to place a cap on players, to stop them from maybe going too OP, but at the same time, you are charging money to levy this. If your levelling system follows a scaling approach (as seen with Final Fantasy 8) there is no reason to stop players from advancing far beyond the caps currently in place. If walkers and raiders scale with the player, the challenge remains a factor.

At the same time, you could do away with the caps placed on weapons. The amount of players I have spoken to who agree with this is plentiful too. If you made a system which promoted weapons scaling with players, then players would continue to pay and could continue playing with their favourite weapons. Right now, players are "forced" to stick with weapons that suit the job or that they happen to prefer, because the costs of upgrading and the time it takes to upgrade get increasingly more expensive. A solution to this could be to allow us to upgrade one armor and one weapon at the same time as in: Have a slot dedicated to an armor upgrade and have a slot dedicated to weapon upgrade. If you are in a challenge and are waiting 20 hours or so for one item to upgrade, you may miss your chance of an upper hand just for the sake of waiting for the upgrade to complete. From a logical standpoint also... why does it NEED to take so long? Why does anything in the game have to take a disproportionate amount of time? To make a player feel like they must pay if they are tired of waiting perhaps? I take no issue with that, just reduce the cost of this, it would encourage players to pay out more often. Maybe run a test, offer instant upgrades for 24 hours at x amount of money for example. See what your results determine.

Provide an option to pay a small fee to get an instant upgrade on weapons and armor even, not in the form of gold, but actual money. A consumer is quicker to part with a lower sum often if it gives a significant time advantage, but this means more money for NG, I'm sure this will be noticeable trickles of income for NG and overall more satisfied consumers. Right now, you are following a model of making items obsolete fairly quickly. Stress less on short term income and focus on longer term small / medium and big wins perhaps. I stress on the point twice as we all know "Time = Money".

I hope this is considered, as I want to see NG improve overall and continue to offer their services, while maintaining profitability and sustained growth.

@Vane or another moderator, please move this to suggestions and ideas. I think it comes under that category.
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    This game is great! Not perfect though...
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