Announcement: This Week's Challenge Issue with Round Passes



  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,214 incompetents. This has to be their intent, no company can be this bad. Our guild family lost 10 higher level people this week, this can only make it worse. And free gas and xp does nothing to "compensate" us for the extra time it takes to overcome their mistakes.
  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 180
    @vane would appreciate an answwer to this question. Will only the impacted people be compensated or will everyone be compensated. If everyone is compensate then those who are impacted truly lost something. this shit is getting tiresome.

    thantks in advance
  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 180
    @vane never mind answering for me, i'm quitting this game after 3 years. I'm done with the customer service, bugs, errors, and money spend it takes to keep playing.

    Peace out NML.
  • johnnytKd_johnnytKd_ Member Posts: 29
    I think this situation calls for a more generous gift from NG. Players are getting tired of the same mistakes. Perhaps everyone should be rewarded a prowl bag or a gift card to the prowl bag emporium. @Vane
    Army of Slayers / Psycho Slayers
  • MFJigsawMFJigsaw Member Posts: 159
    @Vane i see you have a tough job with this. This IS a huge deal and it's on you to sort it, but i highly doubt it is your fault but you have to bear the brunt of it.

    The idea of "just play on, we can sort more round passes next week and tell you what kind of compensation" just doesn't fill me with any confidence...

    As for the idea of getting something for another fk up....

    Here, this last one is for your development team...

    Thanks for reaching out to us NG, stay safe out there.....

    Game over
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 834
    Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity
    And little whirls have lesser worlds and so on to viscosity

    Next Games: Your dead level plumb decision making is only going to end up costing you more capital.
  • fretjefretje Member Posts: 121
    edited April 2019
    Come on @Vane, this issue affects the round passes which will only be awarded *next week*, so you have a *whole* week to figure out how to fix this so everybody gets the round passes that they deserve. A *whole* week to run a couple of queries and update the database. A *whole* week for a fix I'm sure doesn't take the better part of an afternoon to implement! This can't be this difficult! Please, hire a consultant if you have to, but please make it happen!
  • TripodTripod Member Posts: 130
    Ever since @Kaz left, shit has really gone down hill fast! Coincidence? Idk but I am completely over all these round pass issues. So much wasted time, effort and money.
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,471
    JayZ said:

    Incredibly upsetting. I really hope NG doesn’t just give us gas boosters and hope that everything is okay. Gas is never the limiting factor. It’s TIME. I simply don’t have the time to play rounds I shouldn’t be playing.

    My work is at peak busy-ness right now, and I’m working 12 hour days and some weekends. I don’t want to spend what little free time I have grinding through challenges.

    @Vane I really, REALLY hope that any compensation doesn’t just give us boosters. Something like full tomatoes would actually be good compensation. Or, let players choose (because some might be maxed out in tomatoes). Give players gas boosters and the option of choosing between full tomatoes and 1500 gold.

    Because again, we are losing time. Every second I spend on playing unnecessary challenge missions is time taken away from farming in-game, but more importantly time taken away from my wife, dogs, friends, etc.

    Well said!

    When NG gives us free gas, they are just using a placebo and NG is winning so much by keeping us online 24/7 that events like these seem planned sometimes (yes conspiracy theory but hard to argue against).
  • BigBobBigBob Member Posts: 121
    So NG screws up and their fix will be a lame ass booster to those impacted. WTF, we are ALL impacted by this incompetence. We should all get recompensed. Been playing this for over three years, do not, repeat, do not piss me off!
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    Can I seriously get a month of money refunded back before I quit please
  • reveenreveen Member Posts: 32
    My thoughts have been mirrored by others. I’m sick of the 5 days / 6 days free gas. My TIME is worth more than that.
  • reveenreveen Member Posts: 32
    Your solution is to make me play a lot more to make up for your mistakes, try a compensation that saves me time instead
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Although in this case i wouldn't MIND free gas for 6 days while im grinding tomatoes... but, y'know, also a bunch of other stuff.
  • BaksdirtydozenBaksdirtydozen Member Posts: 43
    @vane i did write a comment on this saying that I was effected by this also but dont know where it's gone so just posting this pic 2 show instead.. I read some comments about compansating and them not wanting boosts which is fair enough but I personally would be very happy with the gas and XP boost with the 5 sec upgrades again.
  • KriegKrieg Member Posts: 332
    I demand maximum compensation for the injury I didn't receive!!!! ;)


  • Bloodundertales77Bloodundertales77 Member Posts: 23

    again the same with reason I found it strange and said my passes where are they? at least gas reinforcement and exp 1 week with events to improve weapons and heroes in 5 seconds with tomatoes full
  • JohnbertJohnbert Member Posts: 192
    This meme fits the current situation very well I guess...

  • JankelJankel Member Posts: 255
    From now before assigning a reinforcement token, starting immediately with the challenge, making any upgrade is a good idea to consult the site first so as not to have problems, unfortunately too many bugs scattered here and there :(
  • Stalker20Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,290
    @WellyLuga how do you accidentally call the missus fat? It's not like it rhymes with anything complimentary 😂
  • JohnbertJohnbert Member Posts: 192
    Danski_46 said:

    @WellyLuga how do you accidentally call the missus fat? It's not like it rhymes with anything complimentary 😂

    "You've a pretty hat!"

    She understands: "You're pretty fat!"

  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 834
    > @WellyLuga said:
    > It's a shame really, the game is fantastic and all of the new features in the update breathe new life into the game but these constant bugs feel to me like it's going to bring on an early downfall if it's not sorted. Hopefully you guys sort your shit out soon. The problem here is that this current problem, isn't really that bad individually but it's the collection of screw ups that has culminated in this blowout. In terms of this week, I had 14 passes so miss out on 4 next week, 120 gas and maybe an hour or so of my time - not all of the player base was affected but I imagine a fair proportion. But as an individual error this week, it isn't really that bad.
    > The reaction to this particular issue is a bit over the top IMO, people are maybe overreacting but the issue is more that this is now a trend. Mistakes are made, that is acceptable but in business only if you learn from them and don't make them again. You need to sort things out soon, give people enough time without bullshit so that they get over the last time you messed things up.
    > It's like that time you accidentally called your girlfriend fat, you can call her beautiful every single day but it will take her a long to forget that one time... :lol:

    They should bring you on as a consultant @WellyLuga

    Startups have a classical narrative arc: they start small, aim high, and either succeed heroically or fail in the face of insurmountable odds.

    Consultancies help other businesses do business. And that’s not so obvious or dramatic.😊
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 239
    @WellyLuga you seem like an incorrigible optimist which is a strict requirement to play this game these days.

    Sadly these words "Hopefully you guys sort your shit out soon." have been spoken by almost everyone the forum in the past months, so - soon to be dashed - hope seems to be all there is.

    It's also a bit more than "But as an individual error this week, it isn't really that bad."

    It's not just the round passes this week that have disappeared, but the entire dynamic round pass system - hailed by most of us - has been cancelled before it's even begun.

    Who knows when update 3.3. will be here and if that will even fix it.

    So they messed up not only this week, but every week untill they can fix the dynamic round passes.

    The solution to prevent this from happening again is to have all the executives and C- F- and other EO's come onto the forum and grovel, because if there is one thing they hate it's apologizing. They'll fix it just so they would never ever have to do that again. o:)
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