Round passes again

Redneck_RampageRedneck_Rampage Member Posts: 58
I’m currently on round 11 and have zero round passes. Are they turned off with this update?


  • razvanalburazvanalbu Member Posts: 2
    Same bug here. I earned 7 round passes from last challenge. They are usually converted in 2 round passes when I start the new challenge. When starting today, I was on 8th round (which is correct = round 1 + 7 round passes), but 0 round passes earned. That means that I started at a higher difficulty and I will earn less round passes until the end of challenge.
  • negan_piercenegan_pierce Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    I'm now at round 13 in challenge and got 2 round passes only . What the hell is going on ?
  • Redneck_RampageRedneck_Rampage Member Posts: 58
    Count yourself luck I’ve only got 1 on 13th round.
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