GRAVEYARD OF DEPARTED PLAYERS - for whatever reason....



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    Alright... So yours truly got his retirement postponed indefinitely again. God bless me.
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    Welcome back.... or my condolences @Troublemaker :) lol

    Believe my name is on page maybe 6 and then again on page 10 of this thread!! Haha!!

    I’m not addicted either! :grimace:
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    > @Governator said:
    > Alright... So yours truly got his retirement postponed indefinitely again. God bless me.
    > A friend of mine, let's call him Uncle Bob, says he is refusing to return your 2018 HOF badge and you'll have to pry it out of cold lifeless hand. He's such a jerk. :sunglasses:

    It was poisoned. All part of my evil plan.
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    > @Jenng said:
    > I heard evil plan! :p

    Look, Jenn hanging out right where I saw her the last time I was here. Hope all is well with you. Please pass along a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and the rest of DF.
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    Jester. Out.
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    See ya bud...have know there is always a spot to come back too : )
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    Arrivederci @jester ! Stay safe out there!!
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    Wait! You promised me we were going to visit NG HQ together @jester :p
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    best wishes @jester
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    @mongo_nine_one_one : You have always been one of my favorite posters here. Thank you.
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    You and Bill have me blushing.
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    @mongo_nine_one_one Mongo!!!!!
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    I hate olives....> @PigBenis said:
    > One last long ass post for you all.
    > For the past 9 or so months I thought I was done with this game and was ready to quit, but each time an update would come out or something new was released to regain my interest and reel me back in, even for a short while. First it was new heroes. Then it was GW, which soon faded due to all of the issues. Recently I looked forward to the newest update, which promised some exciting new content, but after downloading it I've realized that I don't have it in me anymore.
    > I said to myself this morning "I just don't want to play this game. It's not fun and it's taking away too much of my free time." I find myself planning my day/life around this game, which is like a 2nd job and that's even before considering that as a max level player pre-3.2 update I will now need to spend countless hours trying to farm 95 million supplies and then get all of my survivors upgraded after update 3.2 to get to where I was before the update, and for what? Why do I do this to myself?
    > I understand that upgrading is part of the game but it's not balanced at all and is designed to milk money from the whales by having such ridiculously low XP and supplies limits. I'm certain that between Council upgrades that I've farmed the required 95 million supplies and then some, but the low cap of 20 million didn't allow me to save the vast majority of them. So with every Council upgrade it becomes more time consuming and costlier to get to max level, and again....for what? To go further in the Challenge when rewards are such a joke? To complete the Distance and earn 100 hero tokens at the end when it can take THOUSANDS just to upgrade a SINGLE TRAIT for ONE SURVIVOR that increases the survivor's ability 1-3 percent.
    > This game is severely lacking in customization options, which would help to keep things fresh. No ability to change survivor's traits, the badge crafting/sorting system that is a joke with no recipe book that can result in a badge in 1 of 5 sets and in 1 of 6 slots, rarity of components and radios that give shit results 90% of the time when used (keep in mind how many survivors we all have and that it takes thousands of tokens to upgrade a SINGLE TRAIT at high level), the same Challenge maps that repeat over and over week in and week more. I suppose I should probably add in something about the mess with Season 2 of GW and all the bugs along with all of the mistakes that have been made recently with round passes and compensation bundles being given out.
    > With that said, I can't justify spending more time playing this game and supporting a company so full of mistakes, carelessness, and ineptitude. I had a wonderful guild/family full of great players/people and want to say thank you to my friends in the Dixon guild family for giving me a home for the past year.
    > meep meep

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    I was just getting to know you, @PigBenis!

    I am sad you are leaving. I hope you and your pretty girl (what a dog!) will have lots of good times now that you aren’t busy with the game. Best wishes for quality time doing the things you love most.

    Dixons Dungeon
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