Silence is unacceptable!!!

Leaving players in the dark for this long is not going to work @Vane this is the first challenge after the update and to say will get back to you next week is weak as $&&@!! Grow some and let’s hear about the free bundles that we all get next week. Seriously needs to be north of $100 value.


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    Can I trade 4 round passes every week for $100 worth of in game loot? :trollface:
  • kmrkmr Member Posts: 170
    @Vane I'm also fine with compensation, but why you can't just calculate the number of RPs based on the completed challenge rounds?
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    Yeah, indeed @vane, if you know which people are affected by this issue, you also know the number of rounds they have played. It's a simple division by 3 to calculate the number of round passes, isn't it? I don't think it gets much simpler than that.
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    I can understand it's not behaving like a currency, @Vane, but still it must be represented as data in the database somewhere. You don't have to hand them out like you hand out free gifts in the bundle or trade goods shop. Just make it so that on the challenge startup screen for the next challenge (more than 5 days from now), the right number of passes is shown and accounted for there.
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    I really wish it was as simple as that, too, and I wouldn't have to take care of it this time @pirate1125 :'( Unfortunately it is not.

    And @fretje these are not the database values, it is a player model - which behaves very differently. Doing this sort of change requires massive migration of player models, and with Round Passes it is not even doable, unfortunately. This is a dinosaur problem left from before that we are facing now, which should really be changed, but it requires time and efforts, of course.
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