Level 26 gear in TG Shop

I understand that in order to get level 26 gear in the TG shop, you need to have a survivor of that level. But what camp level do you need to be guaranteed level 26 gear in the TG shop epic and legendary weapon crates? Is 71 good enough or do you need to be level 72?


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    Still a problem and NO communicate to the players....
    I got Lvl26 LEG for watching an Ad, but get for 12.5K TG`s 25èr rubbish ?

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  • NezoNezo Member Posts: 37
    I've pulled 2 legendary crates at PL 71 - both lvl 25 gear @TransmuteJun
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,960
    Tg istore is survivor class relevant. Epic and legendary (3k and 7.5k crates) are player lvl relevant.

    So when the update hits, you'll get anything between previous and current max lvl from leg and epic ones (25 and 26 now) until you're maxed player lvl.

    I'm sure there's a spreadsheet there somwhere in the forum going at least until lvl 24 gear regarding this.

    You definitely be maxed player lvl to get 100% lvl 26 gear from those 2 crates.
  • TerminusGWTerminusGW Member Posts: 9
    And this questions have to be included in EVERY COUNCIL UPDATE, every time this question, since 2015 is like the fun about the RP`s the last weeks !!!
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    Thanks everyone. I was hoping level 71 would be enough for level 26 gear from the epic and legendary crates, but I guess not. I appreciate the responses.
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