Eugene and Morgan radio calls

Could we please get some double tokens radio calls for these old school heroes that still kick butt.... I use them all time.... please and thanks @Vane


  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    Jerry is equally underrated and hasn't been in a call in ages! Let's see a 40 call with Euge Morgan and Jerry
  • RINO4739RINO4739 Member Posts: 92
    I personally would like to have all calls separately with the 15 radios.... becomes to Diluted with the 40 calls.... but yes more double token calls the better with the old school hero’s
  • RINO4739RINO4739 Member Posts: 92
    Please I need to spend more money!!!! LOL
  • TeenahGeeTeenahGee Member Posts: 305
    I am hoping for these calls as well. Have been learning about how useful Eugene can be, but I need to build him up to use him. Heck, I would even buy a Eugene bundle from the shop. So, you would get some $$ from me and @RINO4739 for sure... Isn't that enough to make it happen?
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    Most of us are so behind with Eugene and maybe i’m one of few lucky enough to have him at 1 pink. So ..TRIPLE Eugene Call what say you ? 😁😎
  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 503
    So close to getting them to two pink stars, which is where you need them near to use them effectively at the levels I need to use them at. Should do a 4x4 defensive hero spin (bruiser Morgan/Jerry/Eugene/Ezekiel). Put them at all 25% chance at minimum.
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