After 4 months joining components

NG, I'm sad about the result after the creation of my last badges.
It's strange, it seems very biased, but anyway ..... The good thing about this experience is that NG encourages the player to give up the game and not spend money to improve, since it is impossible.
Solve this bullshit, most just want to be happy.
Happy customer returns to spend.
Let us undo buttons, change them, I do not know.
Please do not make our hours, days and months of play a disappointment



  • sicronsicron Member Posts: 101
    You have 6/24 damage reduction legendary badges and you are complaining? Unless you've deleted a lot of legendary badges, that's a very nice percentage. I'd consider myself lucky.
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 281
    12 of 24 are good but 12 of 24 are complete horse shit. I am envious of the high percent of dr badges but cant help but being pissed on your behalf for the garbage the system gave you 50% of the time. Legendary only in the screw job you received for literally hundreds of hours of work. Let the sycophants be damned, you are spot on.
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