Better guild communication/coordination needed

It’s difficult to coordinate when the guild will participate in a war with the existing communication system. Right now we can only contact players when they log in to the game and read the guild board. There is no way to reach out to player’s phones in the real world and notify them that the guild is ready to start a war. The guild has to resort to external communication systems.

In another game I play there is a function in the game that sends a phone notification to everyone in the group. It can only be used once per hour by the entire group, and of course you can toggle it off with game settings if it’s annoying.

TWD currently has notifications that say that more players are needed, but it’s automated, and I don’t feel it works well. Guild players need some sort of communication path to help coordinate when they are going to war, and to pull in others who might be available.

It would be good if TWD would implement a notification system that is triggered by players. I think a limit in frequency per player rather than per guild would be good. I also think it would be helpful to allow the player sending the notification to include a custom message to the guild: “(player x) tells your guild: ‘It’s time to join the war’”. It could be something they select from, or just a generic “(player x) alerts the guild”, but some sort of push notification from player to player is needed.


  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 327
    This is why pretty much any serious guild uses another means of communicating, but I appreciate this isn't what all guilds want to do.

    My guild use Groupme, others use line, slack, whatsapp, whatever. We have a sign up sheet for each war with all the relevant time zones. It's the only way if you want to compete
  • BladerunnerBladerunner Member Posts: 5
    I notice that you and I are both new to the forum. I joined a guild, played (badly)part of a season, was made ‘leader’ by the player who was trying to mentor me who then left the group..and left me clueless. All due respect to ADPac (and I will look into your various apps) it would seem a necessity for newly formed groups to have a better form of communication in-game. (I have requested time zones, best times to play...) Only a few players respect that.
    We HAVE some ‘serious’ players’, btw.
  • HerbergeHerberge Member Posts: 214
    Out of frustration on playing GW, some players in our Guild use their sixth sense to play GW at the same time.. Sometimes it works, sometimes not..
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