The booster activated?

I just went into the game and got free gas and double xp for last week’s debacle. But why didn’t I get to choose when to use it? Why didn’t I get it in my shop? I can’t play full blast during the week. I am pissed. @Vane this is just another slap in the face by NG.


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    The correct term here is "Tone Deaf".
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    Not happy that the boosters was automatically added to my inventory. Straight BS! Like most, a booster in the middle of the work week is a total waste! Too many glitches lately with the lost round passes (2 weeks in a row), missing round passes. I'm about to pack up and head out of town. STRAIGHT GARBAGE!!!!!
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    @Karajoca It's not about the extra rounds we have to play, it's about the stars we lost, which we can't get back with any amount of playing. So please stop defending NG, they are making one screw-up after another, and don't seem to have any intention of learning out of it.

    I do agree that it might seem unfair for those that were not affected by this. But then again, that's just another screw up by NG, as they shouldn't have changed the system mid-challenge in the first place. Then it would have been the same for everyone.
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    I did not want my 2XP/ Gas until the weekend , thanks for the choice NG
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    ... sais the person complaining about people complaining ...

    20 - 30 stars per person is a lot for the total of the guild, especially when we just started an intraguild this week...
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    where's my prowl bag?
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    Yes, I wanted to be millionaires, but I'm not 😜😜
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    Complain then as much as you like, @zivaolivia. I would complain if you could activate your booster during weekend event and took advantage of it, while 90% of unaffected people can't.
    Tell me honestly, who would have more right to complain then, me or you?

    Oh, and that's bad advertising for your doomsquad. You are saying they will have no feelings for current situation and you will have to reach minimum? Good to know i just considered to request to join :smiley:
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    For me it is just to much week after week. I will still play but not nearly as much. I will be disabling all ads and not watching videos. They won't get money from me that way. I wont waste my 30$ dollar google gift card on this game. I will use it on something else. I have greatly enjoyed the game but all things must come to an end.

    I was pleased with the compensation and it was more that worth it if I could use I though. @Vane good luck with everything I know it can't be easy.
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    These are not little things @Karajoca at least NG could've inform us how and when the compensation is given out not all players can use booster to their full potential during weekdays
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    @Cronus Tell me you are joking man? You can't calculate like that!
    Let's say you reached round 40.1 last week. that's 13 passes. But you lost 5 so you have 8 of them. Instead of starting on lvl27. 1 you will start on 24.2 That's 5 rounds, 30 maps.

    Go back to class ;)
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    @Karajoca DoomSquad is not enforcing minimums in the higher guilds right now because of the need to farm for tomatoes. But I am not farming. So I was staying in the higher guild so I could give them stars. And even if they were enforcing mins, they would have given me a break given the circumstances. Again, you seem to be making judgments and conclusions for everyone else. Worry about your own business. Quit posting about what I and others are posting about. You have very few posts on the forums and it seems your goal is to rag on others who have a right to complain. When NG quits screwing up, people will complain less. Until they do, we have a right to complain
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    bladgier said:

    I don't complain about things given for free. That's not how things are where I came from.

    There's a saying, it includes a horse.

    This is nowhere near as good as a bottle of Soplica though.....
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    Class over @cronus ? Should be by now...i am not trying to teach you advanced class like you tried to teach me. This is just 4th,5th grade i think.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,125
    > @Cronus said:
    > I don't complain about things given for free. That's not how things are where I came from.
    > There's a saying, it includes a horse.
    > This is nowhere near as good as a bottle of Soplica though.....

    Unfortunately bottle of Soplica wasn't even an option but yeah if it was between 2 days booster with gold, I'd definitely complain 😆
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