Guild: House Of Zed, Players MIA: Rare Jay, Death, Ookie, Jonestown, Rick Grimes

Additional Players MIA:


We took a major hit in our guild last weekend when a trusted user LeeBee who made elder proceeded to kick everyone except the leader out of the guild. Every guild should be very careful about who they do and don't promote and we will be much more careful from now on. We managed to get back 50% of the original guild members and wanted to put this post out there in the hopes that our missing players would see it and rejoin the guild. It took me a bit to get back in because I had forgotten the guild name, but thanks to the forum and @Jenng she put me in touch with one of the members: @TheWizEd who furnished the name of the guild: House Of Zed.

We want all of you guys and girls back, so please rejoin if you see this posting.

See you all on the battleground!

~Plutt Z City


  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Sorry to hear that. Maybe start and outside chat. Line, discord. You can help maintain contact when and if this happens again.
  • MeskaMeska Member Posts: 6
    @mplutt : post the gamer tag of the traitor in case he tried it with another guild!
  • mpluttmplutt Member Posts: 10
    @flyingcowking That was very funny :-)
    @Meska and @Governator and everyone else, the gamer tag that booted all our friends was LeeBee.

    BTW, a couple days ago, Ookie came back to us as well! We are getting there :-)
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