Game hangs on mission 5 of every set in The Heavies challenges

mpluttmplutt Member Posts: 10
Hey All,

I wanted to see if anyone else is running into this issue. I am playing the current challenges (The Heavies) and on each level, in mission 5, once I make my first move, the game just hangs. If I close all my applications, and then restart TWD No Mans Land, then I am able to complete the mission fine, and then move on to mission 5 to complete that level. When I get to the next level the same thing happens on mission 5. Here are some particulars:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Phone
TWD No Mans Land: Verson
Android Software Version: G965USQU4CSC7
Android Hardware Version: REV1.1

As far as I can tell, the software is up to date as of April 10, 2019

I have tried uninstalling the TWD App, restarting the phone, reinstalling the TWD App, but that hasnt helped.

Any ideas?


Plutt Z City


  • mpluttmplutt Member Posts: 10
    Not sure how, but it stopped happening, weird.
  • vassevasse Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I had the same issue, and also stopped happening after a while.
    I'm on Google pixel 3.
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