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Finally, after upgrading my council for what I thought was the last time, it says again "coming soon":

I've been playing this game for just about a year now, haven't spent any money yet.

I always thought "why would I spend any money on a weapon now which will be obsolete again in a few weeks or a few months time, I'll spend the money once I'm at level 24", which then became 25 and now 26 and soon 27??

At this rate, this means I will simply never spend any money. And I think there's really a lot of people in the same boat here.

I think you really have this kind of backwards guys... business wise I mean. I think you're now only earning money from the 1%... if you want to earn money from the other 99% there's in my eyes 2 ways to go about this: Or you stop adding levels (which wil probably not happen too soon), or you sell the gear separately for cheaper then the bundles are now.

There's only one thing that I've thought about spending money for, and that's for some special weapons which you can't get without spending money, like morgan's staff for instance. But this always comes in a bundle together with some gold, and tokens, and what not... I'm not interested in your gold, I have gold enough. I saw the morgan's staff bundle recently for 15 bucks or something like that, but there was for 6 or 7 bucks worth of gold with it, and 100 morgan tokens and some more stuff, so the actual weapon I reckon is maybe worth 3 bucks out of that bundle...

Sell the weapon separately for a couple of bucks, and I'm your man, then I even wouldn't mind that it becomes obsolete after a while. But 15 bucks is simply too much, and then I'm not even talking about the 20 or 30 bucks bundles... those are simply outrageous. And it's not that I can't afford it, it's about the principle... Heck it's not too long ago I remember buying a PC game for 15 bucks, which I could play as long and as much as I wanted (I can still play it if I want), without spending any extra money or even watching any ads for that matter...

I mean it's simple math really... even if only 20% would buy a 3$ weapon in stead of the 1% now buying the 15$ bundle, it's already an increase in revenue of 400%! And I think it could be even more than that... Heck, make it 2$ and you might even have more revenue... It's all about the principle, the mindset...

E.g. I hear quite some people are buying a gas-booster on a weekly basis, because "it's just the price of a coffee"... If you make the weapons the price of a coffee in stead of the price of a whole game, it will make a big difference!


  • youngbesyzyoungbesyz Member Posts: 60
    free time on sunday, huh?
  • fretjefretje Member Posts: 121
    @youngbesyz What's that supposed to mean?

    This is a genuine concern I'm having with this game...

    If NG is looking to earn more money, they have to know it takes a lot of people at least a year (and that's with a lot of play time... for most people it will probably rather take close to 2 years, especially with the new levels coming up each time) before they even start *thinking* about spending any money... providing cheaper stuff might make them spend faster/earlier...

    Care to bring anything meaningful to the discussion?
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 488
    This is what I’ve been saying for yrs thx for reposting but NG guys doesn’t have the smarts to think like that
  • youngbesyzyoungbesyz Member Posts: 60
    LOL dude i didnt even read your post. Im moving away, waiting for someone else to bring anything meaningful do the discussion, its not my job to do that
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    Morgan's staff can be a few levels obsolete with razor
    And now they have tokens to increase paid for weapons.
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Coming soon doesn't mean coming soon, it means 3 or probably 4 months. I believe NG used to run quarterly council updates but the last one was longer (4-5 months)? Increasing level cap and power creep is a function of most games and pretty much the only way NG is going to convince paying players to spend on new gear bundles.

    FWIW, I think every 4 months is about right although 6 would be preferred.
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    WellyLuga said:

    @DrUnpleasant I believe the last 3 have been consistently every 6 months. April/October/April. Hopefully they keep it this way and more upgrade tokens find their way into the game to lessen the need to constantly buy weapons.

    Cheers dude - I've only been max level for a few months so this is the first time I've got in at the start of a council upgrade (and as a result, probably the first time I'll spend a bit on a decent weapon or armor bundle).

    6 months is more than reasonable IMO.
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    @fretje you couldn't be more right!!

    I'd Get like a weapon a week if they were $3-5
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