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As a fan of the show I feel like you have missed opportunities that would make the game feel more like a personal journey for the player. Yes it's fun to collect Heroes, upgrade them anc play daily and weekly challenges. Guild Wars would be a good way to follow the show. The reason I never played guild wars is because I only have 1 other person in my guild even when I advertised. Could it be more like online poker where they randomly seat people based on their buy in and skill level? When someone would like to play they would be placed in the next starting "game".


  • ToewannaToewanna Member Posts: 5
    Each new season characters die, new group members join, new enemies threaten, group overcomes threat and find love inspite of ever looming man eating zombies. This is the format every year. Why would you make a "New Hero" that died 2 seasons ago? Why are Beth's Scissors a weapon for sale with out Beth? Where are our other beloved characters? Why not have Tyreese? Special power? A brother's love....
    What about Bob? TAINTED MEAAAAAAAT!
    HERSHEL , SHANE, LORI, ANDREA, DALE, T-DOG, Gareth, officer Dawn, Deanna, Spencer, Enid, Lizzie and Mika etc. If they can't make to become a hero how about using them in the weekly season episodes that come out after the show airs?

    Jessie, Sam and Ron even their dad Porch Dick... would have made awesome Speacial " Season Episodes. One week rick and porch dick could have fought one on one. The other could have everyone walking in line and play out the scene where Jessie and Sam die, Ron shoots Carl and Michonne kills Ron. This seems like basic stuff. Do you guys actually watch the show? Burning the mattresses is following??? Yes kind of, but in the easiest most boring way possible.
  • ToewannaToewanna Member Posts: 5
    Instead of guild wars needing multiple players to "go to war" why not be able to use more of your own "Heros/Survivors" Instead of 3 you can use 12 or all?
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    @Toewanna sounds like you need a new guild. Plenty out there, many with multiple in same family so you can move up
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