Weekend event??!

Any ideas??


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    Tux77 said:

    > @Cronus said:

    > Keep your shirt on!


    > P.S. Sorry @Mystique that's meant for @Tux77 only :wink:

    Thanks!! It was mainly a conversation starter to see what people were thinking. I am following mystique on YouTube now! So I will never have to take my shirt off again!! 👍🏻

    No problem. I'm off to the thread with the video in it to tell someone else to keep their pants on :D
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    This weekends event is badge removal for only 15 gold each. Yeah!!!!
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    Any updates
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 196
    I am hearing the herd just a rumor though
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    I heard the herd too 🙄 love dabbing my screen loads of times.
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