Increased drop rates over the weekends



  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216

    zoson said:

    Decided to test it, dumped over 20 radios into single 1x calls. all commons, uncommons, and just one rare.

    Yikes! Thanks for testing the single radios out. You saved me from doing it myself. I guess I'll stick to the 15 radio calls.
    Yeah, either I've got the worst RNG ever, or the change doesn't apply to 1x calls.
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    @zoson I don't think it's you mate. I did a bunch of 1's and 5's too, and the best I got was a Rare. I've gotten an Epic Assault + Legendary Scout with 15's. The boost seems limited to 15-radio buys to me
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    Verbaub said:

    @zoson I don't think it's you mate. I did a bunch of 1's and 5's too, and the best I got was a Rare. I've gotten an Epic Assault + Legendary Scout with 15's. The boost seems limited to 15-radio buys to me

    It would've been nice if NG actually bothered to tell us the basic parameters of this special event and not force us to waste our radios to experiment whether the event applied to all radio calls or just the 15 radio ones.
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    TK-421 said:

    It's live now.

    finally got 15 cell phones, only took me over a week!! and the reward for this was??
    cheryl lvl 6 of 12, 3 stars no gold trait .... pathetc even more so if your saying the percentage has been raised for the weekend well whats the point in that if it takes a week to collect 15 cell phones unless i spend 15 quid on the bundle in the shop but for that price u only get 2700 gold + 15 cell phones, what a rip off
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    Although I can understand your frustration (a little), ONE draw with 15 radios doesn't quite assure a Legendary or Epic character and it shouldn't. Or we all had only Legendary characters, right?
    You will not like, but you will need to keep trying, I know from my own experience that it might take a while.
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    @Putchuco Yep, the internet in general doesn't understand RNG.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289

    I went ahead and did six 15 radio calls

    x/15 Epic bruiser
    x/15 Epic scout
    x/13 Rare scout
    x/15 Epic assault
    x/1 Epic warrior
    x/16 Legendary shooter

    Liking the results, I did the most reasonable thing a gambler would do, continued and grabbed 8 more.

    received 3 rares, 3 epic (bruiser, shooter, warrrior), and another legendary shooter.

    14x15 radio calls. 210 radios total
    2 legendarys
    8 Epics
    4 Rares

    @jureforjustice @Chilidawg , thx much for posting your drop details here.
    This finally gave me the guts to try again, and overcome my bad luck with the drops since the introduction of the radio tent (11x Rare, all on 15 Radios :disappointed: ).
    Let me share my finds, maybe it helps others.

    16x 15 Radio drops (yes, I saved up a little bit....)
    - 2x Legendary
    - 4x Epic
    - 10x Rare

    This will keep me busy for a while ... :wink:

    See you out there.
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  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Member Posts: 199
    Ok I just used up my radios that saved up for awhile. Here is what I got using the 15 radio calls in the order that they showed up:

    X/14 Rare Scout
    X/14 Epic Shooter
    X/17 Legendary Hunter
    X/14 Rare Scout
    X/14 Rare Warrior
    X/16 Epic Warrior
    X/14 Rare Scout
    X/13 Rare Hunter
    X/14 Epic Scout
    X/15 Epic Scout
    X/13 Rare Warrior
    X/13 Rare Scout
    X/13 Rare Hunter
    X/14 Epic Scout
    X/15 Epic Scout
    X/13 Rare Warrior
    X/13 Rare Shooter
    X/13 Rare Hunter
    X/14 Rare Bruiser

    The rate of getting epic or legendary didn't see that much better for me on this event, but it could have just been my RNG luck at work.
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    @jureforjustice a lot of radios spent but not a bad haul.

    @zoson I do single calls as well and the occasional X15. But none since the increased drop rate. Holding off tip the end.

    Just curious was the "rare" decent?

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  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    5x 15 calls:
    7/14 epic hunter
    7/15 epic warrior
    8/16 epic assault
    6/16 legendary bruiser
    6/14 epic assault

    And now I have four assaults... One legendary and three epics... ugh. The game should have logic to prevent that nonsense.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Quick look at the reported numbers for the 'increased drop weekend':
    - 8 legendary
    - 30 Epic
    - 33 Rare
    (not sure if those reporting only Legendary and Epic suppressed their Rare drop numbers)
    --- Total 71

    I would want to draw rough estimates at:
    - Legendary <10% (possibly 8%)
    - Epic possibly 40-45%
    - Rare 45-50%

    Like OleMisTD pointed out somewhere here, the random numbers could result in very large numbers of Rare drops, but overall the chances are quite good.
    And let's not forget, one can play the game perfectly fine with Rare, heck even Uncommon survivors.
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  • ElvedElved Member Posts: 29
    increased drop rate my ass, burned 30 radios for a 3* and 4* - both as useless as they sound.
  • pullfrontpullfront Member Posts: 156
    All reports I've heard indicate - Stay AWAY from single calls
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
  • irishmobirishmob Member Posts: 482
    The drop rates for epic and legendary were supposed to give us better chances at epic and legendary. I used 15 radios two times now and gotten two 3 star survivors. My radio tower is a level 5. I play this game regularly and it takes about 2 days to get 15 radios. Then I only get 3 stars?

    Seems like the event was just made to get people to spend gold for radios. Well with events likes this I'm done spending gold. Not sure how many others ate having the same issues. But not a good way for a newer game to start out.

    I'm done ranting and yes a little annoyed.
  • kalel6kalel6 Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2015
    Here's my taught on the "event".
    1. The most sought after resources are gas and radios. Both are non existent in the game ATM. The RNG for these is flawed. You can't play the game because you can't get gas because the drop rate is so low, you can't get radios because the drop rate is so low.
    2. Ads are a waste, I can only hold 15 gas. I play three missions, I get all food and xp as a reward. I use all cinema and mission ads and get one uncommon weapon and the rest is...... Yes food and xp.
    3. Notice, why not give some notice of " upcoming event" ? You don't need to tell us specifically what. But a heads up of at type would be great. I used my radios an hour before you posted here!
    4. Communication. In the last update notes I read nothing about reducing the drop rates of radios and survivors quality, yet it was the biggest thing in the release.

    I really hope one of you read this and take it as constructive critisism . I'm playing since day one but I'm getting a little lost at the moment.

    1x15 radio call:
    3* 3/12 Hunter=Reject

    3x15 radio calls:
    1 epic bruiser max 16
    1 epic scout max 16
    1 legendary hunter max 16

    So its all completely random really. Drops at the moment are fantastic when you look at them draws. However the same problem still exist .ie. getting the radios in the first place.
  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    @Putchuco thanks for those numbers mate, very enlightening.
    Personally, I did a bunch of 1s and 5s to test, and got nothing special.
    I've done 5 15-radio buys - 2 Rare, 2 Epic + 1 Legendary. I think there is definitely an increase in the drop rate.

    @Zoson totally agree that a lot of these players don't understand RNG - as a Hearthstone player it took me a while to get used to it - casual gamers are gonna get frustrated.
  • mackmack Member Posts: 29
    It was nice at first with increased epic and legendary drop rates, however good joke on the decreased drop rates of phones.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Midnight UTC has passed in case anyone was wondering.
  • JRDmanJRDman Member Posts: 60
    I really hope this becomes a regular weekly event, or at least every two weeks.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    That'd be AWESOME! @TK-421 Please!
  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
    Good idea!! ;-)
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  • loggerlogger Member Posts: 7
    I did the 15 radio call 11 times and got a grand total of 10x 3* and 1x 4*. Woohoo. FML! The best part was that I got 0 Hunters and 6x 3* scouts.
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I did lots of x15 (about 10) and got lots of epic, but 0 legend... and I also tried the single 8 times and got 1 epic and 1 rare...

  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    I'm thrilled to have gotten a bunch of epics. Most of my team was rare.

    I had bad RNG and ended up with three epic assaults and a legendary assault though. It'd have been nice to get at least one epic scout and shooter.
  • mzed718mzed718 Member Posts: 12
    my previous 7x 15 radio calls were:
    6/15 legendary hunter
    6/16 legendary scout
    6/14 epic hunter
    6/13 epic warrior
    6/13 rare shooter
    6/14 epic assault
    6/13 rare scout
  • RayVelcoroRayVelcoro Member Posts: 6
    will you bring this event back anytime soon? Cause I been saving up my radios for this event if it ever comes back.
  • shabbashabba Member Posts: 452
    kalel6 said:

    Here's my taught on the "event".

    1 legendary hunter max 16

    i would give all my radios for this
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