Weapon Suggestion for the Brute Class - A Nock Volley Gun

After watching the video preview to the upcoming bayonet musket weapon for the scout, which grants a charge shot that grants a hunter attack, I was inspired with an idea for a similar weapon for the brute!

I call it the Minutemen! (Granted it can be anything) The name I chose is a double play on both the Minutemen of American history and the slang term for a...um...male lover who cannot break the 60 second mark! This also plays perfect in the Nock Volley Gun nickname being “The One Hit Wonder!”

The Nock Gun is an old navy weapon used during the age of Napoleonic Wars and tactics. It’s a single shot flintlock rifle that has six 20inch barrels and fires all at once using a 12mm ball round. It was designed to clear enemy decks for close range combat and also intimidate the enemy into surrendering.

I fell in love with this gun when it appeared on the old TV series “The Young Riders” but the one in the show is grossly exaggerated in being a mini cannon. In truth it’s just a shotgun that fires a 12mm ball round, no cool explosions like in the show sadly.

Demonstration curtsy of NRA Media.

My idea is this rifle works both as a club and rifle for the brute class! The brute attacks enemies using the butt of the gun and when 3 kills are made, the brute can do a gold rank AOE shot with a hunter rifles range and deals instant critical damage to all enemies in the AOE. No load time and not too overpowered! I also believe it would give the brute class some overdue “awesomeness” and life to the game!


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