Lowest level survivor possible from radio call?

Hey guys, what is the lowest possible level survivor a maxed player can get from a free/1 radio call? I know it's different based on rarity, but does anyone know the specifics? Thanks!


  • flyingcowkingflyingcowking Member Posts: 409
    Its decided on by the level of your radio tower. The higher the level of your tower the higher the minimum level of survivor from ANY CALL you will get.

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  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Right, I'm a maxed player. Every building maxed and survivors all at 26 etc. So what is my minimum for a 1-radio call?
  • flyingcowkingflyingcowking Member Posts: 409
    Sorry for the delay i was eating mashed potato rolls. Delicious.

    You are right the max level is listed but not the minimum. The lowest I have seen since maxing out is 11 though on erndless calls. Anyone else have a lower number?
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  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 255
    Depends if it is common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary.
    Lowest possible level is a legendary level 8. (i think)
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