Hilltop Maggie Community Event Discussion


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,518
    Charging trait... Nice

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  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 750
    Can i swap the maggie tokens for a year long booster?
  • WattlaueferWattlauefer Member Posts: 170
    edited April 2019
    I miss the opportunity to exchange normal token in hero token. For example, scout token to Carol token.
  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 750
    > @Firekid said:
    > Couldn’t you have killed two birds with one stone here and given out the scout musket as the weapon? I mean you’ll have to give it everyone at some point anyways... or failing that, recent GW rewards have included a nice piece of armour (bruiser last time) and a specialist weapon or two (speargun/pickles jar) in legendary yet you go for the spear gun again and in epic? Ah well it’s all free stuff I know but would have got much better free stuff from GW...,

    but it has charging.... 😎

    who uses Sasha lead anymore Pfft.... so outdated 😂
  • WattlaueferWattlauefer Member Posts: 170
    >The Distance: 25 Hilltop Maggie tokens per each weekly run (and another 25 if you restart the Distance) (Hilltop < < >Maggie tokens will be available in the Distance starting from April 29th)
    @Vane: where in normal and hard mode we will get this token?
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 488
    Another crappy epic, same old garbage as always
  • ninewalkersninewalkers Member Posts: 80
    Don't care about another hero. I can make my survivors stronger and more formidable quicker than I can a "hero"
    Their only usefullness is that only a couple of these so called "hero's" have useful traits. It makes playing the game a little less dumb when using their traits. I would like the option to rid myself of the tv survivors...but then again getting rid of them first during the distance is fun. I seldom even let them fight. Just tossing em in the way is entertainment. Nothing like watching that hillbilly alcoholic get gnawed on by a large herd.
    Madhouse Maggie isnt even a marksman and she turned her back on hilltop. Allowing both Jesus and Tara to die. Some leader she turned out to be. Hope they string her up if she returns. Leave it to nextgames to support such a loser.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I agree @Firekid

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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,715
    This is why I said above that they should be in the top position in the list. Probably going to be screwed out of gold soon by it too!
  • UrbanjesusUrbanjesus Member Posts: 111
    Anyone started distance? Where are Maggie tokens? Is it different for normal than hard?
  • captainjrlcaptainjrl Member Posts: 31
    There should be some sort of counter on the home screen of the game to let us know how far/close we are to the goals. I used to play another game with community events and you could always check and see for that info.
  • Sg_DeathSg_Death Member Posts: 73
    What! i Don 't have phones in my daily Quest? Thought it was the same for everybody.....?
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  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 2,657
    Hi Vane! Will there be an update this week on the number of Maggie tokens collected by the community? :)
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  • VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 227
    @Carly Yes! Most likely on Friday :)
  • ZarfZarf Member Posts: 5
    Hilltop Maggie just a novelty...not impressed . I have them all except for the new Daryl....saved phones wasted a few hundred when he was specialized..... what a waste
    Tokens from non hero survivors should be able to trade for hero survivors.... I've been playing since the beginning before Daryl was here get bored and started game over twice , needs more missions !!
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  • MudMoccasinMudMoccasin Member Posts: 563
    I really, really, REALLY wanna equip her with the Import 5.7 Pistol (which was in the Tara Shooter Bundle a couple of years back) or Carol's Snub Nose Revolver (also in a Bundle not seen in shop for ages)!!!!!!
    NG..... any chance we can do so? If not, I'll be content with giving Hilltop Maggie the Scoped 9mm or Savior Handgun.......
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,715
    Ok so it’s over, @vane how long till we get a hilltop maggie call do you reckon? Bit annoyed couldn’t get her epic without spending a ton of gold as I’m sure I would have been able to get her pretty much legendary if guild wars was still running.
  • johnacudajohnacuda Member Posts: 96
    How did we do in the event @Vane ? Inquiring minds and all....
  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,976
    Check the Bundle Shop........ Free Gift awaits

  • WolfyWolfWolfyWolf Member Posts: 36
    I have a better idea for Holly Top Maggie’s Hero perk, I’m sure the majority would agree it’s an improvement!

    PS - The Speargun is AWESOME! Just changed the name of one of my shooters to Nisshin Maru in honor of the Japanese “research” whaling boat from Whale Wars! XD
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