Wild Walking is actively seeking new members! 😎

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We are a highly motivated, well organised, no drama and stress free guild family. Our top guild has grown massively over the past few months and have been #1 for about 7 out of the last 8 challenges and we are showing no signs of slowing down! However it is not just the top of the leaderboard we are recruiting for. We currently have 6 guilds ranging from the elite players down to those just finding their feet. If you're a high scoring player looking for a new home, we have a place for you in the top guild. If you're just starting your NML adventure we can help guide you with great tips and tactics.

We have chats featuring strategy videos for the weekly challenge, the distance, badge suggestions and anything else you might need!

Each player is monitored by the weekly tracker and we rotate players between the guilds over a 4 week period, so if you're ambitious and want to move up the rankings this is a great way to keep yourself motivated! Here is an example of the tracker! As you can see, if you are looking to join you can see where you might fit in with your star count.

Come join us, you'll learn a lot, you'll meet some fantastic people and you'll have fun! If you're interested PM me on the forums or alternatively, we use the Line app to communicate and share things. Contact us there!

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