Distance exit bug

TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 34
I was playing the distance in "The Pit" ..I think it's a glitch ...
My Jesus and Rick ran off . Like they were going to the next mission. And left my scout there to die on the exit line. Zombie started chasing my Rick and Jesus . Hitting them off screen where I couldn’t get to them I had to kill the scout off.. :s


  • MrLuckyMrLucky Member Posts: 456
    I'm sorry, ... but I would love to see a video of that! :#
    I would have been so mad! :s
  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 34
    I have the video on it..
    Do you have Line App..
    My line ID is teherror
  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 34
    Here's a screenshot of it ..
  • rumcajz69rumcajz69 Member Posts: 1
    I think I hit the same bug just now.
    Distance mission objective was to kill 10 walkers.
    In my turn, I completed the objective, and had 2 survivors in the exit zone.
    In the Walkers turn, one of them grappled with a survivor in the exit zone.
    In my turn, I moved my third survivor into the exit zone. The two ungrappled survivors then ran off, leaving only my grappled survivor. I had to flee (sacrificing him), though maybe I could have skipped two turns to see what happens..
    A better solution would be either all survivors run away (even if grappled, and scenario is completed) or none run off while a survivor is grappled (have to kill the grappling walker to complete the scenario).
  • booshboosh Member Posts: 360
    @Fluxxx just had this happen to me. Created a ticket. I killed the tenth walker and the exit lit up. Sasha and my shooter ran off leaving the scout stuck in the exit. She went into struggle and the walkers chased Sasha and my shooter off screen. I had to end turn until the scout died and my shooter and Sasha got damaged.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,988
    This bug has been there from the very start of the distance.

    Happened a couple of times to me. (It is not on all missions)
    Worst when I had the power to free that struggling survivor, and anticipated the struggle, but they ran away....

    This has been mentioned to NG a couple of times already...
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