New Guild started May 2019 - Starting off at 500+ stars minimum - Lucky Strikes

lucky_mikelucky_mike Member Posts: 3
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Hi all - I have started a new Guild hoping to get players on 500 stars with the aim of increasing to 600,700, 800 etc as we move forward. I was regularly hitting the 900+ stars (although that last challenge with the Whisperers was a pain wasn't it ;) )

We have started this guild with 6 experienced players - all hitting 500+ and a few hitting around the 1000 star mark most challenges (if not 100 then 900+).

In the description of the Guild (there are a few with same name) you can see my username lucky_mike.


  • MadiMadi Member Posts: 1,608
    Good luck :)
    Global Angels family
  • BlackpainterBlackpainter Member Posts: 292
    Hallo, wieviele aktive Spieler seit Ihr?
  • lucky_mikelucky_mike Member Posts: 3
    We have started with 6, all getting 500+ (a couple getting 900/1000)
  • Misfit_JimMisfit_Jim Member Posts: 201
    Sent you a PM
  • lucky_mikelucky_mike Member Posts: 3
    We have moved to another Guild now so Lucky Strikes was short lived and is no more.
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