Reinforcement Token Changes!



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    "Duras penas" significa "Hard penalties,y la razon de mandarte ele mnsaje, fué por puro azar!! jejeje sorry
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    Yeah yeah yeah
    Been to jail and out
    With @Killdozer187_ in the county
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    Why do i have the feeling the game soon dies?
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    Vane said:

    Hi everyone!

    As I mentioned previously, I want to share new changes and more details regarding the Reinforcement Token in the upcoming update with you guys.


    This also means that your current Reinforcement Token, received as an update gift, will lose its value when an update with these changes goes Live. The estimated time for the next update to happen is around a month or so from now (today is May 9), so I would recommend to use your Reinforcement Token by that time, in order to avoid it losing its value. If somehow this opportunity is missed, we will try to find a way to convert your current single token to the number of tokens with your maximum level of equipment (minus 1, as you already have one Reinforcement Token), but the approach to this process is not yet finalized.


    Hy @Vane will this week the 3.3 hit us? Or do you have an estimated timeframe? Much appreciated, thanks in advance
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    Thx @Vane

    DoomSquad Family

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    > @Vane said:
    > Hey Joe, the estimated timeline for an update, if everything goes fine, is next week :)

    @Vane , Are we going to fix the round passes?
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    Think we can get the prowl bag back before the announcement of the update, announcing the date of the update?

    Or maybe a badge sorting system that isn't so janky.

    I'm a simple ape
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