Asylum Reunion!

The Asylum Guild Family is having a retiree & former member virtual reunion. We're planning to set up a one-week-ony special guild (June 19) and a Line channel (now) for yucks & shenanigans. Bourbon & bonbons, Blackjack & beef. Maybe a Jester picnic. Contact us at @jester, @Narnia, or @Artisans, or at the asylum/blackjacknbeef guild recruitment site, or on Line. Hope to hear from a bunch of old buddies!,
Retired, but not entirely dead.
"Really? Good luck with that!"


  • ccmccm Member Posts: 154
    This will be amazing! <3
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,582
    I'll be nearby to call the police when it gets too rowdy. :sunglasses:
  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    Anyone out there that played with us back in the day. Please feel free to reach out. I have the posters, there are lots of you out there 🙂
    Asylum/BlackjacknBeef Guild Family
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