Top Guns has 4 open spots fill us up for Guild Wars Return!!!

Googs88Googs88 Member Posts: 67
Top Guns is an original guild with about 15 original members and 1 new guy. We would like to try to fill our guild up before Guild Wars ever starts back up. We are all active in chat. We have a chat group on Discord app as well. Mostly East Coast players, but we do have 2 UK players. Happy Hunting everyone hope to hear from you soon!
Googs/ Jeff


  • CooptainkirkCooptainkirk Member Posts: 16
    I've been in this guild for more than a year, and it's a great group - lots of friendly competition!

    Challenge stars will be more important than ever after the 3.3 update. Higher team scores can help earn Trait Re-roll tokens and summer tokens - let's work together!

    If you've been on the fence about merging guilds, now is your chance to make the leap before the update.
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