Post mission reward crates (gold grab)

psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,437
I was excited to play the new story missions. After 2 missions I've mistakenly hit 25 gold to open 3 extra crates both times. Sure it's on me to be more vigilant but after years of playing, it's an automatic reaction to tap that same spot where watch video used to be. Reversing that is a sneaky move on NG's part. If I already wasted 50 gold, imagine how many other players have done the same thing.


  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 131
    Ah..the conspiracy theory;)
  • andy75andy75 Member Posts: 262
    Bet the upgrade trait button didn’t get moved. 🤣
  • NommaeNommae Member Posts: 34
    The new order makes more sense. The gold option moved between the bottom and top location depending on if you had ads available. Having the gold button be consistently in the same location makes more sense from a UI perspective, in a few days it will be a non-issue.
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 232
    psychwolf said:

    Hey @Bill666 go fuck yourself you fucking cunt. And @Vaine fuck you too and NG for your bullshit

    psychwolf said:

    How much has the gold spending increased? Gonna tell us that? I'm sure it's a massive amount. And for the final time, you don't switch around something that has been there forever. It's a reaction after thousands of missions to tap the top option. Bye NG and bye NML. Eat a dick

    I'm sure it was all tongue in cheek though.

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