Boycott of the game : only way to stop this game being more and more pay to win

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As NG keep ignoring players feed-back and only think about money (more information on FB walking dead in update thread, it s time for us to react : the only way NG listen to us is to make a boycott of the game and not spend anymore money till1, 2 or more weeks until they changed their mind.
If they keep this pace there wont be a lot of hardcore players left after this summer.
If we dont act all together they will kill very soon our beloved game.
Dont Forget that we have the power we are the customers !
Be unit girls and boys!

Contact us via mp


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    @Vane. U already know the problems and why a lot of hardcore players stop. Stop communication and be honest for 1 time. U received dizains of post in game or other way last months to ask u stop doing thing to only make people spend more money in the game and never answer, only political response without sense

    I honestly congrats ur communication there is still a few people (not majority of course)who think you re working for making the game more fun. The power of words on small brain is terrifying

    U know I m right that s why you re losing more and more best players every day since last 2 updates.

    For example Trait is a joke if u know maths and calculate drop rate. Around 4 months for best players To have one WANTED trait. Luckily for u people don t think and just listen ur lies as the ones that post above.

    And to update an armor u already need to have it. The tricks u fix let us have decent weapons without buying them. It was the only way. Now it s nearly impossible to have a perfect weapon 1/720.... that s a joke

    Sorry to not drink ur words and use my brain to verify some calculation. It may surprise u nowadays I know.

    Don’t worry I will stop the game after NW as lot of players in our guilds. Btw NW was one of the best things created last months and ur not part of it.

    We waited this update for months. We expected correction of round passes and Guild wars but u only fix things to win more cash. So sad this game was so great until last 2 updates that s why a lot of people asked themselves if it s voluntarily to launch A new game? Of course I only speak to myself and don t expect truth. U only serve us political response without sense as every time.

    We re despaired because u make so much people leave the game just for some $ but that is how the world works sadly.

    @ people : agree on one point it s less time consuming now and that s a very good point.
    Most others post just so silly don t waste my time to answer. People have to use their brain and so write a comment but it s not how social network works.
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    Only 1 or 2 constructive post above all. Th
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