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    @Vane apologies if this is repetitive but too many to read. I think a great fix for the cinema is to have the entire day's worth available all at once. You could reset them every day with the daily chores so that people with lives dont miss out on what little is left. And make it like 6.

    I have to say removing ads makes me nervous because ng will make up the revenue somewhere or the game dies. So I foresee a lot of crap changes to the already meager useful gear drops. The vast majority of gear in challenge crates is already epic gear with crap traits. I fear I may never even see a mediocre leg gear, let alone a good one. 70, 80 percent of armor already has nearly worthless training gear on it. Will it be 100 soon? Seriously, why does a melee need training gear?

    With the update did you make the mission reward crates actually random instead the current rigged system? I have repeatedly, I say again, repeatedly tracked my gold boxes and 3 times with a sample size of 100 I have gotten the same results. About 43 % of gold boxes are only available by spending gold. About 33% came after the ad and the rest dropped in the first round. 1 time is a possible anomaly but getting nearly the same results two more times is pretty much validation of the original findings. The irony of this screw job is that your money players are the ones who suffer the most since they run a whole lot more than 4 missions an hour.

    I was disappointed that the update did not include a purchase confirmation on spending gold to open more mission reward crates. This is the only place in the game without a confirmation message. Of course the ng sycophants will quickly disagree and insult me for the suggestion that this was nefarious, even though an innocent explanation for this is hard to fathom. Cant tell you how many times I clicked use gold when I didn't realize the watch ad button didn't materialize. At least that will no longer happen. Moving the location of the use gold button was highly questionable at best.

    As a dedicated capitalist I dont begrudge ng making a dime or two. I just hope they do it without douchebaggery.

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    I’ve I had 1 set of gas. Which was my very first video. Since then it’s mainly been 10 gold. Definitely needs improvement.
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    Yup 10 gold or 3 phones. Wow! Don't spend it all at one time!
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    What he said 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻.
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    I think it is great, love the phones..... 😍

    Good job NG.
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    Just let us open all 3 every 4-6 hours please.😉
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    I imagine that when Guild Wars returns to work, even red gas will no longer be distributed with advertising as it is not now for green gas, but will have to be bought if you want to play, or distributed in a shorter or insufficient way.
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    > @BloodyChainsaw said:
    > Opinions vary like any topic 🤣

    "Better" depending on whom you ask is subjective 😏

    The best part is this: I don't recall anyone complaining about taking 90 secs per hour to watch ads the way it used to be.🤷‍♂️
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    > @Firekid said:
    > @Sg_Death but 3 phones every 8 hrs isn’t any better than getting 20-30 gas every 8 hours and running 5-6 Tara and some scavenges odds are you’ll get 3 phones that way anyway. What about putting it back to how it was and putting the chance of phones in that?

    Yes i can see that, maybee i was just lucky but got gold crates with 5 and 6 phones.
    I just think it is great that you don't have to login so often, and if you wanna play that mutch it's still small money for the gas boosters.
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    @BloodyChainsaw, unfortunately, I reluctantly believe it was a company choice that tries to bring more players to buy gas rather than releasing it easily as before.
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    Well that really sucks. So they don't want to retain players anymore then? Just pay to play? 😭👎
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    @Killdozer187_ that is exactly the kind of crap and scrap gear I constantly get, though never at such a high level. Nice score.
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    No Gas here
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    The last 5 ads I watched I didn't get a single gas NG you must find a better solution listen to people's suggestions please
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    Can’t say I liked watching ads every hour but I was a means to an end for me to be able to play more and get some other stuff on the way. More gas elsewhere would help soften the blow though!
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    Yeah, well... "like" as in, well... prefer to?

    I'm happy with the phones but I totally understand...

    Guess we are all happy about the free unlocks instead of ads, though, right? :wink:

    Made me log in more often, actually. :)

    Hopefully, the gas situation will be addressed.
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