Reinforcement tokens?

Will take 28 reinforcement tokens to raise a level 28 I don't want to level 29?


  • DrPsychedelicDrPsychedelic Member Posts: 176
    I had one token before the update and used it to boost one level 28 items up to a level 29
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 243
    Yes that was the original plan for reinforcement tokens. They were going to be super-rare and could upgrade any weapon one level.

    Now they will be more common but you need more. I guess this is fairer for lower level players, they should have to use less to upgrade a weapon to level 11 for example.
  • PandreqPandreq Member Posts: 243
    Me neither. Maybe that was a bad example. A better one would be that it should in theory cost more to upgrade a weapon to 29 than to 27.

    I would only ever use the tokens on a special weapon (like my winter bow or kingdom spear).
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