Which survivors should I keep?

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Fairly new to the game, been playing a little while and have got my hands on a few survivors but I am unsure on which ones are actually worth investing/trait switching/keeping (or not) I have my thoughts but would appreciate any veteran input/confirmation :)

I like James as he is a lot like the new Maggie and she is one of my favs right now - I've seen dodge is generally not favorable but I will likely stack dodge+luck again on equipment to give him some sort of survivability. Vincent seems a bit duff and guessing he is good to get rid of rather than risk trait swaps etc.

Here im not totally sure, Ben seems ok except for Defensive stance (maybe revenge/dodge too on him no idea) and Andy does not seem great unless it is worth the risk of the final trait unlock.

No idea on Bruisers as I don't use melee too often just as I can rarely go no hit with them on challenge/scavenge. Only use them on story/distance.

Again not much of a clue as I don't use melee much. Warrior is probably most under utilised of all the character types including my heroes.

of All the classes I want a really good Assault survivor to upgrade etc. unsure if this guy fits the bill - Im assuming bullet dodge and defensive stance are not worth it at all.

Any help or tips appreciated :)


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    I wouldn't invest in any of them. Since you're new i recommend waiting (almost) unicorns to invest. My opinions about survivors to use are below.
    Shooter: 1.Aaron 2. Maggie or (Ruthless-Revenge-Lucky-Marksman-sureshot)
    Hunter: 1.Sasha 2. Morgan or (Ruthless-Revenge-Lucky-Marksman-sureshot)
    Assault: (Dodge-Lucky-Revenge-Retaliate-iron skin) or Abraham with retaliate
    Scout:1. Rick 2.Daryl 3.(Ruthless-lucky-follow through-power strike-strong) 4.Gabriel
    Warrior: Michonne and Jesus
    Bruiser: (Retaliate-punish-dodge-lucky-ironskin)
    Glenn, Morgan
    There are many threads about traits. I recommend reading them all. I learnt much here.
    Also ideas and the game changes in time.
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    You could try and reroll james’s Dodge for marksman and you’d have a unicorn there. Probably quicker and easier than trying to find one from phone calls.
    I’m not a fan or Jesus as a warrior and would look for a warrior with strong, IS, ruthless, dodge and powerstrike. (Personal preference there).
    Assault is trash and when you get further in the game unless they balance ranged again they are pretty useless. But Aquila pretty much summed up the traits you need. Welcome to the forum and happy hunting! Stay safe out there and remember what Daryl taught you!
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    @lockdown listen to these two, they know what they are talking about. I disagree with the Jesus part from Firekid however. I think Jesus is a beast and brings our the best in my nelee squads. Would get rid of his bullet dodge tho.

    If I were you, run a search on thw site for ideal traits... you will come up with results from @jayz he has basically mapped out how best to badge and trait toons. Bibliigraphy.
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