RrGlenn jackpot

12 calls (180 phones) wasted on special RGG-call, not a single Glenntoken??
Worse than a casino-roulette....
Isn't there a law against gambling (in games) in Europe? Have to check it out, one thing for sure: won't spend a single cent anymore:((((


  • DonCoquiDonCoqui Member Posts: 586
    That's some cold luck... best to stay indoors 😉
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  • RML_MCFCRML_MCFC Member Posts: 29
    I spent 75 radios yesterday and got zero tokens. My guild mates reporting the same results with over 100 radios! Sounds like a bug to me??
  • Dbl_Edge_DEPDbl_Edge_DEP Member Posts: 565
    It really is a "trust in the heart of the cards" type thing with gacha games. If the odds are displayed (which they are virtually all over the game) it will give us lower odds, but when we do hit, we will hit large. It's the less often but loads play scheme.

    I've landed some mad prizes randomly, just enough that I am not disheartened when RNG does not favour me. Plug away on double tokens days instead. Stack radios until those moments perhaps.
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  • RML_MCFCRML_MCFC Member Posts: 29
    Good advice, thank you 👍
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 133
    Displaying the odds all over the game doesn't make this concept ok
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 426
    It sucks, but it really is RNG. I spent about 300 phones and took RGG from Epic to 1 pink.
  • scoonersscooners Member Posts: 63
    I hoard all my radios now just because of this issue. Finally at the point where spending a ton of $$'s for a 10% chance to improve a character just is not worth it. At least after collecting 100+ radios and blowing on the one character i want to improve and getting nothing back does not hurt as much as if I paid for them.

    That being said, this works for me as I enjoy playing the game - hoarding radios over two to three weeks works for me - I am a patient player - no hurry to get anywhere fast.

    Sorry NG, want my money again? Needs to be worth while - you can choose what to charge but I can also choose when to spend, free will baby.
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