Discount on gold bundle

I don't pay attention regularly but do gold bundles ever get discounted? I would be more inclined to actually buy if it was on sale. Would be a good idea considering lots of people resetting the distance. I'm sure more people would buy if it were on offer @Fluxxx


  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 540
    If you live in the UK , you pay more than in the US
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,140
    I try to get my gold from bundles with some value in them...radios, weapons what ever. The 7 day xp & gas with some gold is a great deal
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  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Reeconn said:

    If you live in the UK , you pay more than in the US

    You even pay different amounts if on Apple or Android. I noticed last week that the same bundle was £8.99 on my Samsung and £9.99 on my iPhone.
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