Problems with phone and account.

LevLev Member Posts: 44
I got my phone (old samsung 4.4.4 up 5.1) reseted without known reason. I can't boot up the phone (just logo). So I re-flashed my phone at cellphone workshop. Right now I have my phone working with newly installed 5.0.2.
I have my game saved at google play. My in-game name: Lev, player-level 64, guild Zombie Hunter.
To avoid losing my account (i'm totally new with account switch, backup, transfer), should I:
1. Login my playstore with old (the same) email.
2. Install the TWD NML APK from playstore.
3. Just straight away run the game and get my TWD NML save game automatically.


Help needed. Thanks in advance.


  • LevLev Member Posts: 44
    Account recovered. Thanks to @enigma12 thread and @zbot response. I read and follow the instructions. It is recovered. Great games and great features NG.
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