Cheaters getting caught



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    Fluxxx said:

    I'm very strictly against cheating as well. I'm wondering whether a permanent ban would be too harsh in some cases? The 2 week suspension is usually a first warning, and further cases will result in much longer bans depending on severity. Definitely something worth discussing, I will bring it up.

    Any updates on this? I for one would like to know what's being done w/ the folks recently found abusing the last exploit. Like @Bill_ZRT said, a two week warning suspension is nothing unless you take away permanently the items they obtained through cheating. They should also get suspended from the forum.
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    @JayZ when you put it that way, I can understand the frustration.

    Suppose NG bans cheaters permanently, they can setup a new email address and make a new account, rinse and repeat. We're only asked for personal info when giving credit card details or to connect to Facebook, person avoids both, they remain anonymous.

    The points made on this thread are valid however, cheating exists as the antithesis to conventional play, so there will always be a new way to bypass the system. Someone will find it by some means.

    Perhaps a player rating system should be introduced (similar to Ebay buyer ans seller feedback) which will provide a clearer view for everyone. It may not solve the problem, but it could alleviate some of the damage.
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