My disastrous weekend in the game

Hi all,

Short summary:

1.- Small disconnections, I can live with it.
2.- Two big crashes, when I have finished the game and I am with the rewards the game has fallen twice, returning to the game. Result heroes to the hospital two hours and loss the rewards.
3.- Jackpot, On Friday, 1 silver and 1 gold came out. Saturday, the day that more game, nothing or maximum one of silver. Sunday morning, nothing new and in the afternoon 1 silver. Today, 1 gold. I understand people when they say there is no Jackpot in this post:

4.- Rewards in videos, All weekend the same silver rewards and with the same order. The first 3 phones the second 10 gold. So bad luck do I have NG?

@Fluxxx any comments?

Ty all


  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 714
    Have you contacted player support about the crashes? It would be good if you described the issue in more detail, like when it started happening, at what points in the game etc.

    As for the rest, it's really just the odds :/
  • MojakuMojaku Member Posts: 128
    Thanks for reply @Fluxxx !!!

    I update the game this morning, if i found any rare i will write to the support directly!!
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