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I'm on an Android and for a couple weeks at least now, many times when I match with an Outpost and click "Start Mission", my game returns to the loading screen and after re-loading, goes back to the Camp (and I lose the 10TG spent to connect to the Outpost Raid). My phone is less than a year old and it happens on WiFi and 4G, plus I have plenty of storage space on my phone. So I don't think it's on my end. I've closed the app and reopened a lot, but it has been happening at LEAST once per log in when I do raids, sometimes multiple times.

@Fluxxx Any advice other than to contact in-game support? Thank you.


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    This hasn't been an ongoing problem for me but it just happened. Tried to do a raid and got matched with wolki then it matched with wolki 3 times due to reloading and it took 10 tg's each time. Closed game and started my recorder and reloaded it to try to catch it in action but got a different outpost this time that worked properly. But when the new outpost loaded, the pop up to sign in to Google play appeared. That makes me think google play and nml weren't playing nice together. Whenever I have to sign in to Google play again, weird stuff usually happens. Don't know what exactly makes the 2 have issues with each other.
    *Edited to add screenshots just showing it takes tg's.
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    @Fluxxx any advice? Support just said check storage data etc like is posted in the stickied thread here
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    This also happened to me with wolki! First time i was able to see the name before it crashed.

    Is it possible some players have bugs which causes this to happen when others match with them in outpost??
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    Hey, sorry for the late response! Yeah this is most likely because there is a bug with the player wolki. I've reported this to our team, so we'll try to fix it asap.
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,083
    Should be fixed now!
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    Hey @fluxx, i came across another outpost that acted like wolki' was tom4. Game reloaded twice 1 nite trying to load his, then the next morning, got matched with tom4 again and it reloaded again. I tried to report this problem to support but got a response saying they couldnt discuss another players outpost! ...i'm not wanting to discuss their outpost, i'm just letting y'all know to check it out for possible problems. 10 tg's is not much but i'm tired of losing them for nothing.
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    Yeah this player is causing the same issue

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    Awesome that u got a screenshot! I had recorded it but deleted the video by mistake.
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    > @Fluxxx said:
    > Should be fixed now!

    Today i got this glich and game have been restarted
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    We also got support tickets about Tom4, I assume it was from you guys? The player should be fixed now
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    Fluxxx said:

    We also got support tickets about Tom4, I assume it was from you guys? The player should be fixed now

    Cool. I submitted a ticket about Toms4. All they said it was passed along to the developers. However, I didn't get a new Plasma Rifle in the 40-Watt Range or 2000 Gold as compensation. :sunglasses:
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