Outpost Log, Stats Displayed

Would it be a good idea to show the stats as a score in the log of your Outpost? This should help players to evolve strategies.

The other day I only just waisted a team of defenders that were lvl22 and Zs lvl26 while I'm only lvl 20. All my team where only one blow away from the pearly gates. The log shows that the enemy had their butts kicked and all my guys where good to go. I didn't recieve any bonous points even though they were higher.



  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,221
    To add to this idea @Fluxxx it’s been requested before to have a replay of the last the outpost mission you defended, so you can see where your team is going wrong, what is going well. Would that be possible or at all in the future.
  • El_ChupacabraEl_Chupacabra Member Posts: 11
    Yeah, now that would be really great and lots of fun to see. Could be like a blooper reel too hehe, but awesome idea.
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