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    @Fluxxx I can't speak for everyone, but personally I believe that bad Guild Wars is better than no GW at all. As long as everyone knows going in that it's a flawed Beta, nobody has any right to complain about performance. Doing this throws a bit of meat to the baying mob and also gives the developers input from an active model. Everyone may not get a win, but they at least they get something.

    I wish it was that simple, broken guild wars bear pretty heavy consequences. The player experience causes players to drop out or complain which is both bad for the game and (truly) awful for player support. Test wars isn't out of the question, but it should at least be somewhat polished when that happens.

    @Fluxxx I wish it were that simple too mate! Thanks for the reply. Nice to know when you are getting read.
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    "Soon"... and while we're on about soon. Someone tell me what has been "coming soon" for ages in the crafting building? It's just been sitting in limbo like nobodies business. #makecraftinggreatagain

    p. s. It may be unwise to release a non working mode, patience is key.
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    @Vane Please give us an update of wide general progress. Say that it looks like it may be ready in 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or 6 months. Doesn't have to be specific, but I'm sure there has to be some kind of progress and knowledge as to how much longer it may take.
    Just a little bone to build the anticipation!
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    Any news at all

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    Yes please.
    Some players in our guilds are just to bored with challenge. Worse parts are repeating maps from only few weeks ago. And some considering to take a long break until GW is back. But when?
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    This seems to be a trend with a lot of the too guilds and players. Seems more and more are taking a break from the game. Time y'all give us something to re-ignite interest in this game. Grinding out Challenge after Challenge is lame.
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    Because of no GW, one of top players in my guild took a vacation from this week.
    I know we should be patient, but I would be very grateful if you would give us any information about GW.
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    Hello @Fluxxx , everyone understands that now may not be the time to talk about wars, and much has already been said. But if you own a small info, give us a little bit what the brain would have earned better and we had a fight )). all the waiting, many just keep quiet and scroll through each day to the forum hoping to see from you a line about the war. And that would not be sad to think :wink: You do not say, how much is this meat?
    Why not?! Did we have a fight? :smiley:
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    Sorry it's taken me a while to answer here, and thanks for tagging me @mir

    Honestly it's really hard to say. We would like to have it out by the next update, but we just don't know if it's possible because it will require quite a few helping hands from other people at NG - they have their own work, summer holidays, etc. so that's why it's difficult to estimate when we'll release.
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    @Fluxxx , so maybe you should really run any test of war, that would stir up a little dying class? Let the guys from NG do a little more weekends, and we'll run that red gasoline that we have accumulated. Let this test be without your side's beheadings. I am sure many would agree with the fact that not enough movements especially for the Top players of our entire world. can we do a survey to stir up some interest? 😀
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    Thanks for a honest answer !
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    thank You @Fluxxx , I wish you good luck in this business, strength and bright ideas to the development team. Let's wait! ;)
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    Hmm !?!!? :-)
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