Changing Guild and starting your own

Some of our guilds members want to leave and start our own guild as our leader has not been active for 105 days. How do we do it and do we loose our points earned if we change


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    I am not 100% sure...... but....
    The Challenge Stars along with other info on the Profile are yours to keep they belong to you

    Mini-Me ( my alt ) has 77982 lifetime stars

    But only 75163 ( guild Stars )

    When you leave and start new

    I am 99.9% sure everything on the Guild page will start over

    my 2 cents on keeping track while everyone tries to find each other in a new guild......
    Have everyone join the Forum
    Start a Line App
    FaceBook Group ... or some second form of communication

    Or have 1 person leave... set up new guild and return with the info

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    @WildKatz The stars you have accumulated in all previous challenges are kept. If you have started the challenge today, you do not lose them, but they will not be reflected in the totals for the new guild this week. To leave a guild, click on the gear, then click on leave guild.

    Someone will have to create a new guild (I don't recall if it costs gold) and let everyone know the exact name so that they can apply to join.
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    I also found this.......

    But like @bladgier said... contact support 105 days MIA... maybe they will help

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    @WildKatz. If you decide to leave and then come back with the new guild info, then make sure you have at least one Elder who can let you back in. Plus, you will want to make sure the guild you are leaving is publicly visible so you can search and find it. Good luck!
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