Where has the Reinforcement Bundle gone

ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 528
What has happened to the small Reinforcement bundle, it has disappeared from the store. The small one with 30 tokens has gone but the large one with 200 tokens is still there. Also both the Reinforcement tokens and the Re Roll token deals have disappeared from the Resources
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  • DefenderDefender Member Posts: 78
    Why no answer to this question?
  • DefenderDefender Member Posts: 78
    Some have it, some of us don’t. This weekend is totally screwed up in every aspect of the game. The challenge is a joke. WTH is going on
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 118
    More profitable to sell it in bundles,they want us to spend big;(
  • VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 227
    Seems like something went wrong with configurations in the evening yesterday. Thanks for bringing it up. We'll have a look into it. In any case, it should be then available again today (the small one).
  • DefenderDefender Member Posts: 78
  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 528
    Thanks @Vane
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  • AlamoAlamo Member Posts: 1
    i have no reinforcement bundles now
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