Well, this sucks...

This is the story of a man, who after a night of good food, good drinks, and good company, decided to kick back and play one more round of NML before bed.

This man had exactly enough gas to play through one full round, and he goes and fucking crushes that round. First 5 maps were completed without breaking a sweat.

Finally, he gets to the toughest map of the set: Big Boss Man. He starts with a favorable spawn and an armored walker instead of a fatty. He dodges and weaves, prowls and power strikes. He puts himself in a position to succeed, when all of the sudden, shit hits the fan.

Two of his survivors end up in inexplicable struggles. After getting out, one of them isn’t even able to attack. See below.

Fine. He says. He plays on. He can still clear with 1*, even though he deserved 3. So he plays, and he slays, and finally, he is ready to claim his victory. But the gods do not smile upon this man today. They deny him victory.

So, at the end of the night, the man, defeated, flees and prepares for a restless night of sleep. He shares his story, hoping to find sympathy among his peers, and maybe get some fucking gold back for this bullshit glitch. A man goes to bed, not having completed his original mission.

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