Twitch and Fluxx live stream?

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I think lots heard the of this live stream mesanger called TWITCH, where million of gamers and developers comunicate each other! I try to search there anythink about NML but i could find it, maybe @Fluxxx u could create there veryfied channel of NMl and give us every weekend a little live stream? Where we, all players could in live stream ask some questions or just have some nice talk with comunity of this game? Be with us and we will be with u!


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    > @Governator said:
    > I saw a live stream of people Twitching and Fluxxing once, but it cost $9.99 per hour. LOL

    If u dont have anythink to say for the theme, just keep your sh*t into your mouth!
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    I'm fine with it. I'll just have to be your vip tag along friend.

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    > @Jenng said:
    > @Huricane444
    > (Image)
    > technically without the shit from our mouths, there would be no discussion of your theme. 🤷‍♀️

    Better if it would be empty, then see this shit wich not related to the topic! Not skipping any topic to write some stupid post thats how you twist you live in toilet, better get to your privat life i think its more helpfull then getting likes on forum
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    > @Fluxxx said:
    > Weekend live streams you say... yeah I don't know about this :|
    > But building on that, I wouldn't mind organizing a little (maybe themed) Q&A video (not live stream because will have to create a new set-up as we don't do any livestreams) at some point after 3.4 comes out.
    > Is that something you guys would be interested in? Would you prefer that over a Q&A thread (that could be organized before the update)? I shall create a poll on this.

    Thats is good that is comunity is close to their players! Anyone can install this chat and see how different game comunity use it, before uptade or after it could be some confirence with players where u can answer some random questions! If we can look youtube is for any kind of videos, twitter is for any chating style, but this programm made for us for gamers ant there is only game content.
    P.S. poll is good idea
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    I don't think you need to make it a regular thing. Maybe do it as often as you amass a load of FAQs, answer these accordingly via a video and maybe take suggestions. Perhaps dropping in some interesting NML information or plans which you are able to share too.
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