ideas to improve user experience

Hi guys,
Got a couple of suggestions that players will most likely appreciate:
1) Would be great if you make it possible to scrape badges right off the badge creation screen (similar to what we have with the gear and weapons scraping when you click on the item and get presented with an option to scrape it right away). So that as soon as you create a crappy badge, you can trash it immediately without need to go to badges tab and scrolling all the way down.
2) Another annoying thing is the Survivors list browsing. When you click on survivors icon on the main screen and scroll through your peeps, then click into a certain survivor and then go back to survivor selection, the choice defaults back to the first survivor so you need to scroll through the entire list to get to the next character. Would be awesome if the game remembers your last visited survivor and stays on the same character if you exit the stats screen. Until you exit to main screen.

Hope I am not being too pesky :)


  • Mona119Mona119 Member Posts: 3
    That was a good idea. Your proposal should be considered
    as a play. No, we have come to help out the idea in order
    to make the game even more fun, so we bring the point
    that we see a lot. Tell each other to solve the fever for good
    or in a better direction. Players want us to feel that they are
    part of the development and walk together with the developer.

  • ShayHaShayHa Member Posts: 264
    I'd like something favorite teams and it will automatically bring the survivors for teams I created.
    I just hate it everytime switching..
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