Who to invest next..? Reroll Tokens

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Hi there guys

I've been reading here in the forum for quite a long time but I've never participated actively. I can do around 1600-2k stars in a challenge and I'm maxed out levels and gear.. (poor to see some of you can handle it to over 3k stars in a challenge, that's sick.. this makes me feel myself a kind of stupid.. :D) Usually at the end i go with 2scouts - 1 bruiser or 2 bruisers 1 scout..
I've learned a lot of strategies and you, members, made me feel to still continue this game. Thanks a lot for this and all the great advices you gave!

Now i get to the point. So far I rerolled Morgan to IS, lucky, punish and dodge. I'm happy with that (my DR badges aren't good enough to change IS)..
I've got another 2* pink bruiser with strong, dodge, punish, retaliate and IS.

I wonder, who to invest my rerolls next. Recently I somewhere saw Drive by Daryl changed to offense with Strong and Powerstrike (instead of dodge and retaliate). I thought damn, you have to do this as well! Daryl is still a scout, he can't take many hits (if even one without struggle) in high levels even with DR badges. And in the high end levels you need power, somebody who can deliver high damage (beside glass canon rick) to get out those fatties and armored walkers. Is this the way to go? Or what's your suggestion/opinion?

Go with Eugene...(his LT might really help if it's about crit. hits) or RGG ( don't like his leader trait, if at all, just helps at the beginning of a mission..). Maybe Gabriel..? Carol?

Another doubt ist the next update.. Maybe I should just keep my Tokens. Who knows if they change side to ranged survivors... with new traits or new heroes.

Please let me know your advice, dear community, thanks a lot in advance.


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