Returning Player: Survivor Investment Help

Hi People,

Just got back into the game and need some advice again. With rerolls and everything I have some survivors that I don’t know what to do with.


Wayne - Power Strike, Ruthless, Dodge, Lucky and Strong.

- I read up and according to some this might be an amazing scout, but some prefer either iron skin or follow through instead of dodge. Thoughts? Probably not a reroll priority?


Rita - Sureshot, Marksman, Dodge, Ruthless, Lucky

Cynthia - Lucky, Sureshot, Revenge, Ruthless, Defensive Stance

I get that both not ideal, as Rita doesn’t have revenge and Cynthia doesn’t have Marksman. I guess Rita is better? Don’t know if revenge is a must on a hunter or if vigilant will work too? Probably need to scrap one and focus on one and Sasha?


Suzie - Ruthless, Lucky, Marksman, Dodge, Sureshot

Wanita - Vigilant, Marksman, Sureshot, Lucky, Dodge

Again the same think with the hunters! However unlike, I don’t have Sasha. So I need a good shooter fast! Reroll priority?


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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,963
    edited August 2019
    Wayne - Dodge > Vigilant/FT would make a perfect offensive scout.

    Rita - Dodge > revenge.
    Cynthia - DS > marksman
    Suzie - Dodge > revenge
    Wanita - Dodge > ruthless

    Those would be what I would be hoping for. All of your shooter/hunter rolls are very similar. I think if you get one of the above I would scrap the other. I'm not sure you need two per class and in most cases heroes are better. Aaron and Hilltop Maggie are better shooters than any non hero shooter will be.
  • Demonux626Demonux626 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks a lot for the advice!
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